Sunday, October 18, 2015


Hello! Welcome to Sunbeast Adventuregasm - Hiking Adventures in Colorado and Beyond! 

This blog will be a collection of stories, descriptions, pictures, videos and some product reviews from all the hiking that I do here in Colorado and in the dramatic and stark surrounding country of the West. 

Who am I? Just a random person living in Denver. My name is Ross and I am 30 years old. I've lived in the Denver metro area for about 7 years but I was born and raised in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin. 

Hiking, backpacking and camping are my passion, and while I do not consider myself a photographer, I do bring my GoPro Hero, and my iphone on most hikes so I can document my adventures. I also carry with me a GPS device so I can track how far I've hiked (and find my way back if I get lost). So far I've hiked about 350 miles in 2015. 

I anticipate that most of my posts will include a description of the hike along with what I liked and didn't like about it, pictures, video from my GoPro, a map and profile of the trail from my GPS, and perhaps a product review if I'm using something new or have an issue with something I've used on the hike. I will try to upload most hike info soon after completing a hike, but I will also be putting up content about previous adventures. 

So, look for more posts to come, and thank you for visiting! Here's a video from one of my adventures last year:

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